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Meet the Owner

J. Lau'Ren

Born Jessica Hawkins, she is an author, singer, and fashion influencer with a talent for graphic and digital media design. She was born in the historic state of Mississippi and now resides in the great state of Texas. Her unique approach to fashion and design has earned her a loyal following across social media platforms, where she is known for her ability to create visually stunning content that perfectly captures unique and captivating fashion trends.


As a fashion influencer, Jessica has worked with a wide range of individuals and brands, helping to build their social media presence and drive engagement with their target audiences. With a strong understanding of the latest social media trends, Jessica is able to create compelling content that not only looks great but also inspires and resonates with her followers.


In addition to her work as a fashion influencer, Jessica is also a highly skilled graphic art and digital media design. With a deep knowledge of software tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, along with several video editing tools, Jessica is able to create stunning visuals that perfectly complement her fashion content.


Through her work as a fashion influencer and designer, Jessica has developed a unique voice in the fashion industry that is both bold and inspiring. Her passion for fashion and heart for art is matched only by her commitment to empowering others to express themselves through their own sense of style.


Whether working on a collaboration with a brand or sharing her latest fashion and design inspiration with her followers, Jessica is always brings a fresh perspective and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

WORSHIP Is Her Purpose - ART is her Heart - FASHION is her Passion

J.Lau'Ren - Creative Influencer

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